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KDN TOOLS PVT. LTD. Manufacturers of Engineers files, went on stream in the year 1997, and is now all set to enter the world Markets. The manufacturing plant is set up on the lush borders of Punjab and Haryana.

KDN Files are the most respected symbols of quality and reliability, hence the most sought after. The result of Technical competence, dedicated workforce and stringent quality control. Special emphasis is given on heat treatment to attain the desired standards of hardness. Our R&D department works constantly to upgrade existing manufacturing process and further develop the latest technology to incorporate technological advances to improve upon existing performance and life of the file. All this combines to ensure a perfect file.

After establishing ourselves at home we are now embarking on an ambitious expansion drive and are ready to venture in the world markets. Our state of Art production Line is now fully geared to mass produce a Platinum Edge Engineer File _ Sword Brand.

Fashioned from the finest File steel in the World, each file is cut for optimum hardness.

NBL, a technology unique to KDN TOOLS, is used for making Sword Brand files which result in strengthening the teeth of the file, giving it considerably longer life.

Special attention is paid to packing to ensure you get a flawless product in your hands. Each file is inspected and placed in an individual paper sleeve before being placed in a container made of finest material so as to give you a file that is truly a cut above the rest.  

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